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Innovative Products

Delivering the very best to our customers with leading edge products

In order to deliver the very best to our customers, Mark spends his spare time sourcing one of a kind products to make every building project distinctive and built using the best materials the market has to offer.

We are proud to represent the following quality products:

SoftStepTM by Ecoflex

The entire environmentally friendly SoftStep™ line is manufactured by Ecoflex from recycled rubber tires and is ideal for all barn entrances, aisle-ways, wash & tack stalls, path-ways and horse exercisers. These tiles offer a cost effective alternative to concrete or asphalt. They are perfect for both new barn and retrofit construction. Offering a non-slip surface even when wet, they will provide and your horse with a comfortable, sure footed surface. With a substantial insulation factor, the SoftStep™ tiles help prevent the transfer of cold and dampness.

SoftStep SoftStall SoftWall products for barns, stables and stalls


THERMaBLOKTM is a high high-performance insulation with an EPS core. It is available in various thicknesses in the form of rigid board or rolls.

THERMaBLOKTM is a high high-performance insulation with an EPS core. Agricultural, Commercial and Residential building supplies.



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